All About The Dress

So I always knew I wanted a mermaid style wedding dress. It’s so hard to find the dress you want and the prices are just ridiculous. Even if I had the means , I could never justify spending that much… But this was My wedding. I wanted to look good. I wanted to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. It was My night… I had to get creative… I knew the look I wanted but I didn’t want to pay the retail prices that were out there… So I decided to partner with a tailor and create my own dress and veil…

It is NOT an easy process… Especially explaining your vision to someone else to create it for you… But thankfully the finished look came out to be exactly how I envisioned it…

I wanted an illusion mermaid lace dress with beads and pearls all over the trim. I also wanted a cathedral veil with the lace and pearl trim all around… I wanted a regal look to match the beautiful chateau and at the same time I wanted to feel sexy. I chose to be the more daring bride as opposed to the traditional princess bride.


The best advice I can give to all the brides out there is to be sensible. Don’t get caught up in all the emotions and lose sight of your reality. If you can’t afford the dream dress, that’s okay. Find an alternative way to make it happen. Remember, you will only wear this dress once and that is it! Use your money towards your honeymoon. In the end, you’ll cherish the experiences and memories you have together far more than what you wore.

The Girl With The Eyebrows

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