As you can see in my previous posts, my husband and I got married in Paris a couple of months ago.  The day after the wedding, we flew to Beirut, Lebanon. My husband is Lebanese but this was my first time going there.  I had heard amazing things and was so excited to go visit this beautiful Mediterranean country.  I wish we could’ve spent more time there but I truly enjoyed my short time there.

We visited several areas of Lebanon but one of my favorites was the city of Byblos.  This city is historically known to be the oldest city that is still inhabited since 5000 BC!  How amazing is that? You will find small shops everywhere nested under the old buildings and ruins.  Such a beautiful town.
The Beaches and sunsets

The beach and the water felt amazing! Crystal clear Mediterranean water and the beautiful warm sun caressing your skin… It felt wonderful.  As we sun gazed every evening, I realized each sunset was just more beautiful than the other…

The food

The food was so good!!!! Everything from the fresh fish, the beer, to the garlic bread was just perfect.  There are fishermen along the coast that have a little shack and you can go pick your “catch of the day” and they make it for you to eat right there! I can still taste how good it was!

Lebanon is beautiful and so rich with culture and history.  We also hiked up to Saint Charbel’s hermitage and tomb.  The view from up there was breathtaking.

This journey was a memory I will never forget.  Visiting Saint Charbel reminded me of my blessings and how grateful I am to just be alive.
Thank you God.
The Girl With The Eyebrows

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