Fall Melancholy, So Soothing, So Sweet


There’s something so beautiful and mysterious about Autumn. As I watch nature change colors , I feel excited that the weather is finally cooling down. Yet, somehow, as happy as fall makes me feel, I can’t help but feel an air of melancholy surround me at the same time… 

Is it because you begin to reflect back on the year and that it’s coming to an end? Is it the ambiguity of the future that makes you uneasy? What is it about fall that makes us feel cozy one minute and nostalgic the next ?

My husband and I took a cruise to watch the foliage along the coast yesterday and as I looked at the scenery and felt the breeze caress my skin , I couldn’t help but reflect back on the years and how far we’ve come.

I felt a sudden desire to be back home with family in Cali. Just me, my mom, grandma and sister, Sitting in the living room, talking and laughing, drinking our Turkish coffee and eating pastries, our Sunday ritual. My grandma would do a coffee cup fortune reading for us and always tell us everything will be okay….

Then it hit me, I’m turning 30 in 30 days. It’s my first birthday away from family. My first Thanksgiving away from home. This is the first holiday my husband and I will be spending together. Just us two.

And in that moment, my husband put his arounds around me from behind and kissed me on my cheek. It’s almost as if he could read the thoughts in my head and telling me everything will be okay.

And he is right. As long as I’m in his arms, everything will be okay… just like my grandma used to say 🙂

The Girl With The Eyebrows

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