Nature Heals All

I think all pet owners can agree that their furry baby makes them a happier person. Especially if you’re having a bad day and when you come home to them, you’re mood instantly gets lifted.  Animals, or being surrounded by nature in general makes you a happier person…

I had a “challenge packed” day at work a couple of days ago while working uptown and one of my coworkers suggested for me to go for a walk at Central Park zoo. I almost said no but I thought to myself, a negative attitude only brings more negative energy so I quickly grabbed my bag and started walking.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous and so were the gardens and the animals. As I walked through the gardens and admired the beauty our nature has to offer I noticed a sea lion breathing heavily….

This is April, a 26 year old sea lion who can’t see very well anymore. She was very sweet however. Watching her and her friends swim and jump made me realize I no longer cared about what happened at work anymore…

I was at the zoo in the afternoon (most animals take naps at this time, lucky them!) but fortunately I was able to see some of them… the snow leopards and black swans were my favorite …

I walked back to work feeling like a new person. A happier person. Seeing the animals and watching them be silly made me forget about everything and step into work with a more positive state of mind.

Always remember to pause and “reboot” in the middle of your day… make sure to get up and go for a walk. Go grab your favorite cookie and sit on a bench somewhere and enjoy the beauty in the people or whatever view you may have near you. It’ll change you and your attitude…. and hopefully your day 🙂

The Girl With The Eyebrows

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