Sunday Funday

We decided to spend our Sunday in the city yesterday. Of course, a Sunday is never complete without a delicious brunch. We hang out in Soho often and always pass by this restaurant called “The Dutch”. This time we decided to actually eat there because we always say how cool it looks and the menu has a Korean infused style and the chef is Jason Hua.

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Four Happiest Years Of My Life

Four years ago today, when I had barely started seeing my husband, he took me out to lunch and told me he wants me to be his. We were both working and he asked me to meet him for lunch. I was surprised because we had dinner plans later after work but he insisted that he wanted to see me for lunch. So we met at a Vietnamese Restaurant we usually went to for Phó. He was very restless. I asked him if everything was okay? Continue reading “Four Happiest Years Of My Life”

Cancer Caregivers, the Silent Sufferers 

My uncle has been battling cancer for almost 2 years now. He had to go through a 10 hour surgery about a year and a half ago to remove a tumor. Now after 2 sessions of chemo and radiation , they found another tumor developing in his liver. Again.  Continue reading “Cancer Caregivers, the Silent Sufferers “