Four Happiest Years Of My Life

Four years ago today, when I had barely started seeing my husband, he took me out to lunch and told me he wants me to be his. We were both working and he asked me to meet him for lunch. I was surprised because we had dinner plans later after work but he insisted that he wanted to see me for lunch. So we met at a Vietnamese Restaurant we usually went to for Phó. He was very restless. I asked him if everything was okay? And he told me that he wants me for him. And at that point we had only been “dating” for a month. I was happy to hear him say that because I knew I was his from the moment I laid eyes on him. But I pretended to not understand and asked “what do you mean?” And he repeated himself “I want you for me. I want you to be mine. Like I am yours. Of course I said I am his and only his. He was so happy… I was even happier probably… then later that night we went to a wine bar in Irvine and celebrated becoming officially us….

Fast forward to 4 years later, and he took me out last night to celebrate our “four years of us”. We went to Ayza wine and chocolate bar and it was sooo good! We started the night by the Plaza hotel and walked our way down 5th avenue to see all the window decorations at all the boutiques and department stores. My favorite windows were Bergdorf’s and and Saks’.

Saks did a beautiful art show reflecting the St. Patrick’s Cathedral right across the street. It was amazing!


Then we went to the Rockefeller center to see the Christmas tree and it was so beautiful. We loved the Christmas spirit in Manhattan.

When we got to the restaurant they greeted us and sat us down right away. They knew the special occasion so they placed rose petals on our table which I thought was sweet…. we had sliders and avocado fries, roasted Brie and mushroom truffle pizza (which was my favorite.

And for dessert, they treated us to chocolate covered strawberries and a Chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream. It was divine!

My favorite part of the dinner, was when my husband told me he had a dream a couple of nights ago that he was at the grocery store with our baby. I was surprised and asked him how he felt? And he said “it felt natural. And he was so cute”.

As much as I don’t want kids right now, I couldn’t help but smile. The idea , the fantasy… it made me happy… to have a little boy just like my perfect husband.
…Maybe one day 🙂
The Girl With The Eyebrows

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