Sunday Funday

We decided to spend our Sunday in the city yesterday. Of course, a Sunday is never complete without a delicious brunch. We hang out in Soho often and always pass by this restaurant called “The Dutch”. This time we decided to actually eat there because we always say how cool it looks and the menu has a Korean infused style and the chef is Jason Hua.

Anyways we get there super excited and the hostess seated us. Our waitress approached us and she wasn’t friendly at all right from the start. My husband and I usually play around and act more obnoxious when we have crappy servers. We just act extra happy and extra smiley to get under their skin a little more (instead of them ruining our meal). The more we smile and obnoxiously laugh, it actually makes us happier because we are laughing at ourselves. Anyways so we played very enthusiastic and asked questions about the menu. We wanted their housemate fresh juices to start with. Not bad (honestly could’ve made them better at home). But whatever.

Then it took forever to get her attention to order our meal. We asked for the kimchi fried rice but instead of pork belly we wanted beef. She said she would get back to us on that. 10 mins later she came back and said the chef said no. We found that disappointing but fine. We got the burger instead, along with poached eggs and a sampler of the oysters.

So as we are sipping on the juices we realized she never asked us how we wanted the burger prepared. Of course, couldn’t get a hold of her, finally I got her attention and asked her to make sure the burger is well-done. 5 minutes later we get our food and the burger is medium cooked with blood all on the bottom bread. So we sent it back , and started sharing the poached eggs… I was not pleased or excited at the look of it and honestly forgot to take a picture… it had this weird vinegar sauce that threw us off… Finally the burger came and for $25 I expected something better… shake shack burgers are better than this honestly….

As we were eating the burgers we remembered we ordered oysters…. well, we never got the oysters. Amazing right? The waitress not once came forward to check on us… I think she was very annoyed at how obnoxiously happy we were 🙂

We couldn’t wait to get out of there so we paid the bill quickly and took off… never going back! And if you’re reading this, don’t eat there! Save your money! Seriously!

After we got out, we went to our favorite coffee place on prince street, La Colombe. As we walked by I remembered there’s a cute little chocolate shop next door and the weather was perfect for hot chocolate.

We got our coffees and hot chocolate and walked around to do some shopping. Then took the train up to Bryant park for some winter village fun.

As we got out of the subway at Bryant park, we saw a stand for Wafel & Dinges. Another place we’ve been curious to try! And let me tel you, this was the best waffle we’ve ever had! Definitely recommend !

We ate our waffles and walked around the village and explored the different shops.

The shops were each very unique and had interesting little trinkets and things…

We ran into the Facebook Virtual Reality tent and there was no wait so we decided to try it… it was actually a very cool experience and the lady who helped us was very fun and took pictures of us as we were going through the virtual tour… it was so awesome because it looked so real and i really felt I was in that tour. It took me to space, an Indian camp, The jungle and so much more. Imagine the future possibilities with such a thing… I mean could we become “immortal”? It just makes you think…

After that fun experience we continued our walk around the village. Then we headed back downtown to a restaurant called Raclette. Oh. My. God. So so so so delicious! I think this video will say it all… the cheese was divine! Everything was just perfect! Totally made up for our lame experience at the Dutch!


Finally, after we had eaten our body weights, we were ready to go home and get out of our now very tight jeans…. it was such a fun Sunday… I have to say I am lucky I have the best husband and I just love him and love hanging out with him so much! He really is my favorite person. Ever.

I hope everyone had a nice Sunday filled with love , laughter & delicious food.
The Girl With The Eyebrows

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