First Christmas In New York

My husband was adamant about preparing Christmas Eve Dinner. I was totally okay with that. He spent a lot of time and effort in making lamb, lobster bisque and lobster mac and cheese. And it was all SO delicious. This is our first year away from home for the holidays and I know Christmas means a lot to my husband so I let him take charge.

Everything was just perfect. He marinated the lamb overnight. He bought a live lobster and cooked it then peeled it. He made all the creams and sauces from scratch. He did a beautiful table presentations as well. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed sitting back and relaxing with a glass of wine.
After dinner we exchanged Christmas gifts and lounged on the sofa with hot tea and cookies, in each other’s arms. He is the best gift of all.

We also had a nice surprise package from my sister which was the cherry on top of the perfect Christmas Sundae. Thanks sees!!

The next day we went to a Lebanese church we found in Brooklyn. It was a beautiful old church and they had a very nice mass and choir.  It was such a peaceful and nice experience. And it brought both of us such positive and calm energy.  It was truly the most relaxing Christmas…

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas as well!
The Girl With The Eyebrows

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