I know I am a little late but I had to share our New Years experience!

It was our first New Years in New York and of course we had to celebrate it by watching the ball drop at Times Square! 

We got a package deal at the crown plaza hotel on Broadway and I’m so glad we did because there were people camping out since 9am! Crazy!

We got to enjoy a relaxing day and we didn’t freeze our butts off standing in the cold. The package included a private party at one of the hotel ballrooms which included dinner, an open bar and a dj. A few too many champagnes and I couldn’t stop dancing…. then around 11pm they told us that the outside area to watch the ball drop was open for us …

They had closed off a section of the street right in front of the hotel and it was so nice because we weren’t jam packed and everyone was comfortable… there were some interesting people in our group however…. including a couple of people from Scotland in full kilt gear and all… It was so fun and I hadn’t laughed this hard in a while…

We did the countdown and everyone in the streets just went crazy! The energy was amazing. Everyone seems to be ready to welcome 2017 !

Happy New Year Everyone!
Here’s to another fabulous year !!
The Girl With The Eyebrows

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