As you can see in my previous posts, my husband and I got married in Paris a couple of months ago.  The day after the wedding, we flew to Beirut, Lebanon. My husband is Lebanese but this was my first time going there.  I had heard amazing things and was so excited to go visit this beautiful Mediterranean country.  I wish we could’ve spent more time there but I truly enjoyed my short time there. Continue reading “Lebanon”

All About The Dress

So I always knew I wanted a mermaid style wedding dress. It’s so hard to find the dress you want and the prices are just ridiculous. Even if I had the means , I could never justify spending that much… But this was My wedding. I wanted to look good. I wanted to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. It was My night… I had to get creative… Continue reading “All About The Dress”

Our French Chateau Wedding Part II 

The morning of, the most exciting time yet the most stressful time for every bride and groom. The chateau allowed me to check in early morning and my husband later in the afternoon. We each got ready in separate rooms and floors as I did not want him to see me until the ceremony.  Continue reading “Our French Chateau Wedding Part II “

Our French Chateau Wedding

We got married a couple of months ago on June 22 of this year in France. We spent an entire week with family and friends in Paris and ended the trip with the wedding of our dreams. We chose Chateau Bouffemont as our venue and they were the true definition of perfection.

Continue reading “Our French Chateau Wedding”