Rainbow Room Brunch

My husband and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice a Sunday brunch at the Rainbow Room last week.  Rainbow room is a restaurant and bar on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller Plaza with a panoramic view of the entire city.  It has a cool classic vibe with elegant decorations. I fell in love Continue reading “Rainbow Room Brunch”


I know I am a little late but I had to share our New Years experience!

It was our first New Years in New York and of course we had to celebrate it by watching the ball drop at Times Square!  Continue reading “NYE in NYC”

First Christmas In New York

My husband was adamant about preparing Christmas Eve Dinner. I was totally okay with that. He spent a lot of time and effort in making lamb, lobster bisque and lobster mac and cheese. And it was all SO delicious. This is our first year away from home for the holidays and I know Christmas means a lot to my husband so I let him take charge.

Continue reading “First Christmas In New York”

Cancer Caregivers, the Silent Sufferers 

My uncle has been battling cancer for almost 2 years now. He had to go through a 10 hour surgery about a year and a half ago to remove a tumor. Now after 2 sessions of chemo and radiation , they found another tumor developing in his liver. Again.  Continue reading “Cancer Caregivers, the Silent Sufferers “

First Thanksgiving In New York

Traditionally, we always celebrated Thanksgiving at my mom’s house. My family and my husband’s family would gather at her house and we’d have a big feast.  My sister and I would get creative in making a new delicious dessert.  I’ve gotten used to having that family time. Continue reading “First Thanksgiving In New York”

Iceland Trip Part II

The next morning we were woken up by the phone ringing. It was the front desk calling to let us know our shuttle for the blue lagoon tour is waiting.  It was 1030AM and we had slept in.  We asked the front desk if the driver would wait 15 mins and then frantically began to jump out of the bed.  We were still half asleep and barely managed to pack our bathing suits and toiletries somehow.   Continue reading “Iceland Trip Part II”

Jack-O’ Lantern Blaze

The night of Halloween, my husband and I went to the Pumpkin Blaze near Sleepy Hollow at the Historic Van Cortlandt Manor.  It’s an annual local event where volunteers gather and carve over 10,000 pumpkins and create different designs.  The art and the talent that went into this was just amazing.  Every pumpkin was carved in a different design and illuminated. Continue reading “Jack-O’ Lantern Blaze”